Basic Real Estate Photography
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Basic Real Estate Photography:

Objective Focus: Basic real estate photography aims to accurately and realistically represent a property. The primary goal is to showcase the property's features and layout as it is, without much artistic interpretation.

Clarity and Consistency: Basic real estate photography prioritizes clarity, accurate color representation, and consistency in lighting. The goal is to provide potential buyers with clear, well-exposed images that give an accurate representation of the property.

Straightforward Composition: Basic real estate photos typically use straightforward composition techniques, such as level horizons and centered shots. The focus is on providing a clear and balanced view of each room or space.

Minimal Post-Processing: While some basic editing may be applied to improve brightness and contrast, minimal post-processing is generally used to maintain a natural and unaltered look.

Wide-Angle Lens: Basic real estate photographers often use wide-angle lenses to capture more of a room or space in a single shot. However, they aim to minimize distortion and maintain realistic proportions.
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